A History Of Planetgamez

PlanetGamez opened in October 16 years ago back in 2001. With the PS2 enjoying it’s recent release, Nintendo announcing their new console the Gamecube, and Microsoft entering the console market with their first ever machine, the X box.

The shop was set up by 3 keen gamers on a very small budget, along with very little stock, and it took some considerable time before we began to see some success, after a couple of years we were able to invest money back into the shop and had a refurb, we unfortunately had a couple of break-ins during our first few years, but nothing serious, however there was to be a further break in, late in 2005 that was partially responsible for our closure in 2006, as this one almost reduced us to zero stock, and when your business is reliant on second hand stock its difficult to replace, or get its true value in insurance, so the heart-breaking decision was made to draw the final curtain on our little piece of history.

Perhaps one day we may respawn.

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